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An advanced social network.
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Studies show that a lack of a strong support system is why many people struggle to maintain a vegan lifestyle. Our mission is to solve this problem by providing the tools and space for vegans to connect, make friends, date other vegans, and feel seen and heard so that they can thrive on their vegan journey.

Make friends & expand your professional network.

Build meaningful connections through a lively online social network, featuring group events and one-on-one chats.

A vegan dating experience like no other.

Connect with other vegans, find true love, and have fun along the way!

Attend live events

Attend in-person or online events and meet other vegans around the globe.

Connect with other vegans

Vegpal Dating is an inclusive and modern vegan dating experience like no other.

Change lives!

Help others go and stay vegan or get help along your journey with our mentorship program.

Vegpal is powered by real people.

Find and connect with like-minded people across the world.

For the animals, for the people, for the planet.

Powered by vegans worldwide.

Private & Secure: We work hard to protect our community.

We're inclusive: Vegan mentorship for new or aspiring vegans.

I’ve even met my best friend on here!
I’ve matched with many people and I have a few that I’ve been speaking to for months. I’ve even met my best friend on here! We talk every day and it wouldn’t be possible without Vegpal. Keep up the good work!
Manraj S.
A sense of vegan community!
The app actually gives a sense of the vegan community. I have actually been able to have conversations with people compared to other “dating” or social apps.
If you are vegan you need to be on Vegpal
Blew away my expectations! Best Vegan App on the market. If you are vegan you need to be on Vegpal for friends and for your love life..
Albert T.
The love of my life!
Met the love of my life on your app.
Morgan L.
Just what I needed
Vegpal has been essential as I moved to a new city and didn’t have any vegans to talk to. This was just what I needed to find other vegans in my area. I’ve already met three new vegan friends!
Lauren M.
Connect with other vegans
Better than any other vegan-connect app out there, no doubt! 🌿
Triston R.
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